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Dry Eye Therapy in Cochrane

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Say Goodbye To Dry Eyes

When our eyes don’t get the moisture they require to function normally they can become dry and uncomfortable.

But why and how does this happen? Unfortunately, in today’s world, our eyes are working overtime: the overabundance of screen technology, pollution, and UV exposure all play their part in damaging our eyes.

If your eyes are feeling dry or irritated, book an appointment with us. We have several strategies that can help.

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How Our Tears Lubricate Our Eyes

Our eyes require lubrication in the form of tears for optimal comfort, health, and function.

Our tears consist of three elements: water, oil, and mucus. Dry eye has two main causes: It can occur when our tears don’t contain a balanced ratio of these three main elements, or it can occur when the eye is not producing a sufficient amount of tears required for full lubrication. In both scenarios, the result is usually dry, irritated eyes.

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Dry Eye Treatment and Management

To date, there is no cure for dry eye disease. However, it remains a popular area of study across Canada and the United States, and advancements in management and treatment strategies are promising.

The team at River Heights Eye Care works hard to stay up to date on all eye-related scientific advancements to educate our patients and provide them with the latest treatment options.

Though there isn’t a cure, there are some excellent strategies we can recommend to alleviate and manage symptoms of dry eye and provide symptomatic relief.

Medicated eye drops or ointments may be prescribed by your optometrist and can help stimulate tear production and relieve inflammation.

Artificial tears, or eye drops, are available over the counter and act like natural tears to provide extra lubrication when needed.

Warm compresses can be helpful for patients whose dry eye is caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Warm compresses can unclog the meibomian glands by liquefying the oil, offering relief from your MGD dry eye symptoms.

If you deal with dry eye, eye masks may be an excellent solution for you. With a mask, the eyes stay covered throughout the night, which can help keep your eyes lubricated if you’ve noticed that your eyes tend to open a little bit while you are sleeping.

We offer a selection of eye masks at River Heights Eye Care. Our staff would be happy to discuss your options with you.

We may recommend changing your diet to relieve dry eye symptoms. This could include introducing more foods to your diet that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, leafy greens, and nuts could offer some relief for your dry eye symptoms.

We may discuss your current lifestyle and environmental surroundings and suggest changes such as quitting smoking or taking frequent breaks from your digital devices to alleviate your symptoms.

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