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Pre & Post Operative Care in Cochrane

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Your Trusted Eye Care Partner

As a patient at River Heights Eye Care, your eye care doesn’t stop when you require surgery or specialized eye care. To help provide you with high-quality vision services, we work with a variety of local specialists and surgeons to coordinate your care effectively.

There are some surgeries and procedures we don’t perform in our clinic. Things like laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, and severe retinal detachments are often referred to our trusted external professional partners. However, even though you leave our clinic for a procedure, River Heights Eye Care remains an integral part of your eye healthcare team.

With your permission, we will work closely with your surgeon, sharing your eye health history, your records, and diagnostic images. We will communicate and collaborate closely with your eye care specialist and, together, will come up with a plan to get you on the most successful path to eye health and clear, sharp vision.

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Procedures We Refer Patients For

Although every patient and case is different, we will often refer the following to one of our trusted external partners:

  • Laser eye surgery (refractive surgeries)
  • Cataract surgery
  • Severe retinal detachment
  • Specialized care for glaucoma
  • Any surgery required for other eye diseases

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Pre-Operative Care

As your primary eye care provider, we are likely your first point of contact for eye care. We schedule annual eye exams with you to ensure your vision is clear and your eyes are healthy. If you ever require surgery, an eye procedure, or any other highly specialized care, we may be the first to detect the problem. If we discover an issue, we will refer you to one of our trusted eye care partners.

For this reason, we work closely with your family doctor or eye care specialist and provide them with everything they need. From providing records of your long-term eye health to taking high image scans, communicating all progress, to completing all required paperwork, we will work with you and your eye care team to ensure nothing is missed.

Post-Operative Care

After your surgery or procedure, and under the direction of your surgeon, we will closely monitor your post-surgery care. This care includes conducting tests, taking high-resolution images, and administering medication. We will do whatever we can to ensure your eyes are healing properly, and your vision remains intact. We will communicate regularly with your surgeon and, together, will ensure your eyes remain on the path to good health.

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Our brand-new clinic is located in River Heights, on the south side of the beautiful Bow River. You’ll find us across the highway from the Community of Fireside, beside Cochrane Dodge.

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