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Category: Myopia control

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How to Reduce Eye Strain While Gaming

A man wears blue light glasses while playing video games on a computer at arm's length from his eyes to reduce eye strain

Healthy Eyes for Healthy Gaming It’s all fun and games until someone feels eye strain. Whether you’re a casual gamer, completionist, or professional, protecting your eyes is essential to your gaming experience. Fortunately, you can improve your eye comfort in many simple ways, from blue light glasses to the 20-20-20 rule.  Level up your eye […]

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Can Myopia be Reversed in Children?

a child has an eye exam to determine if she has myopia

Protecting Your Child’s Far Vision You want the best for your child, and protecting their health is part of that. Children’s eye exams can help protect their sight and their eye health. Regularly visiting an optometrist is crucial for detecting eye conditions impacting their lifelong vision, such as myopia. Myopia is a leading cause of […]

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What to Expect & Treatments Options for Myopia Management

Young girl putting in atropine eye drops to help control myopia

Myopia is a common refractive error that can worsen with time, increasing your child’s risk of eye disease. You can protect your child’s vision and eye health with help from your eye doctor, but what should you expect from myopia treatments?  Continue reading to learn more about myopia management, including what to expect and what […]

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