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A guide to the various kinds of contact lenses

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Nowadays, people are preferring contact lenses over spectacles. The reason is simple. Contact lenses are smaller in size and easy to use. But few people know that there are different types of contact lenses too. Here’s a brief on some of them.

  • Daily wear contact lenses: The most common type of all, these lenses can be worn during the day. But doctors recommend it to be removed at night for the safety of your eyes. The daily wear lenses are available for a single day as well as for several weeks or months.
  • Extended use contact lenses: These type of lenses can be worn even at night. You will not face a problem even if you sleep wearing them. Difficulties related to contamination of lenses still exists. Hence, it is better to contact eye clinic and contact lens centre first.
  • Soft lenses: The days of thick and glass-made contact lenses are gone. The soft lenses are made up of silicone hydrogels. They are comfortable as they permit oxygen to reach the cornea easily and seldom shift from its place.
  • Spherical lensesContact lenses are also shaped according to the type of defect they treat. For instance, spherical lenses are shaped to treat short and long-sightedness (myopia and hyperopia).
  • Toric lenses: A twist or out of shape cornea can be treated through this lens. Designed in a manner to remain in a fixed place through gravity, Toric lenses are quite helpful.

It is suggested to visit an eye doctor first, get yourself checked first to know about the lens required. Since contact lenses are tiny and fragile, take your time and select the most appropriate one. Taking an impulsive decision in this regard might make you suffer.

Written by Anthony Iuliano

Dr. Iuliano graduated with an honours degree in Biological Science from the University of Calgary with plans to work in the healthcare industry. In 2008, he attended the University of Waterloo Optometry program and graduated with honours in 2012.
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